[Wine] wine for linux and Mac the same or different? (problem)

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 24 07:15:44 CST 2009

ekah wrote:
> Hello
> preface: sorry for my english, but that is not my native language...
> I want to have a nice photo editor running named FiXfoto.
> (a Shareware-Download can be found is here: 
> german shareware = http://www.j-k-s.com/stats/getfile.php?id=41 )
> There is a english shareware version too, but i didnt tried it.
> Normally i use Mac Osx and want to use it there. I can install this application (attention german) but when i want to start it, i get an exception.

Does the exception end with a line about gdi32.dll?  If so, Wine cannot
read some of the MacOSX dynamic library files that it needs.  I am
investigating this and will open a bug on Bugzilla to track this.

James McKenzie

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