[Wine] Everest Poker in Wine

cwtol wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 24 11:41:06 CST 2009

I have installed Everest Poker.exe and Everest Pokernet.exe but it does not work.
A friend tried it in his own home with also Suse 11.0 and KDE 3.5 and kernel 2.6.250 (like with me) and he only saw the program starting up and then:
Wine Internet Explorer uses an invalid security certificate
The certificate is only valid for <a uid="cert_domain_link" title="wc.mit.grandvirtual.com>wc.mit.grandvirtual.com</a> 
(Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)
In the settings.ini in .wine/drive_c/Program Files/Everest Poker I see: WCURL=
On my desktop with the same OS etc. I only see a little startup and not what this friend has seen. Wine Gecko has been installed anyway and now I am in the Wine Internet Explorer as a test, so Wine is working.
Strange is that many games by GrandVirtual (also free pokergames with setups) work very well thru Wine, only Everest Poker is the big problem, but also made by GrandVirtual.

We have contact Everest Poker but (1) they do not understand anything - just earning money, that's all (remember what Michael Szulik of Red Hat said about these kind of people) and when they reply it's a stupid reply, they cannot read probably, moreover it's never their mistake.

But can I do something else in Wine to enable me to open Everest Poker? Maybe some one overthere knows the solution. Oh yeah, Everest Poker cannot tell anything about dlls. When I asked this it looks like "if they see burning water".
Thanks for your help.

Regards, Kees

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