[Wine] Passing arguments during OLE

neonjohn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 24 18:04:29 CST 2009

Environment: Ubuntu 8.01, Wine 1.0.0, fresh installs.

I'm trying to get Irfanview (yes I know about the alleged clone.  It isn't) to work as an "open with" program for .jpg files.  I have placed it in the "open with" table  When I click (gnome) on a .jpg, Irfanview opens with a blank screen.  I've done some experimenting and it appears that the arguments are not being passed properly to Irfanview and/or Irfanview can't use what is being passed.

I have learned that, for example, Irfanview can be started from a shell prompt using ".\foo.jpg" as the argument but not "./foo.jpg" which is to be expected.  However, Irfanview also fails when given an argument like \home\jgd\foo.jpg" and also fails when given an argument relative to drive_c such as c:\photos\foo.jpg".

- Can I do what I want to do?
- If so what is the command line syntax that I should use?
- Short of writing a windows program, how do I find out what command line is actually being passed?

One other tidbit that might be important.  The Irfanview installer would not run.  I haven't had a chance to see why yet.  Nothing happens on a double click to the installer.  I had to install on a windows drive and copy everything over.  I was pretty sure that Irfanview doesn't use the registry for anything important, as I've done the same procedure to a new windows drive and everything worked.

I know that I could probably solve the problem with a shell script but I'd like to be able to address the problem directly


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