[Wine] Baldurs Gate Throne of Bhaal won't launch

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 24 21:52:21 CST 2009

imatechguy wrote:
> According to the AppDB it should work just fine but I'm having some problems and the search for the forums on "Baldur", "Bhaal" and "ToB" give no results.
> The game installed just fine.  All the community mods installed fine.  The game config file runs fine except for the display setting sections; after a the automated setting test I do not get the popup asking if I saw the three boxes.  I've got an image of the ToB disk mounted because the .exe wouldn't see the actual disk in my optical drive initially.  I also have tried the compatibility settings in Wine from XP to Win98.
Three questions come to mind immediately:

What Linux Distro are you using?
What is the architecture you are trying to run this on?  CPU, Amount of
Memory, Video Card and Drivers?
Lastly and most importantly, what version of Wine are you using?

There were problems with Wine 1.1.12 that were addressed in Wine
1.1.13.  This problem may be one of them.

James McKenzie

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