[Wine] VBA in MSOffice?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 24 21:57:52 CST 2009

Morgan Read wrote:
> Folks
> I have a macro that fails in Word, are there any work-arounds, alternate
> dlls etc that can be suggested to get it going?  Is there any forum
> dedicated to getting these going?
> I've installed MSOffice like so:
> cd "/media/Office 2003 Pro/OFFICE";\
> # Set your preferences
> WINEPREFIX=~/.MSOffice winecfg;\
> # Click through the dialogues
> WINEPREFIX=~/.MSOffice winetricks wsh56 vb3run vb4run vb5run vb6run
> msxml3 msxml4 msxml6 gecko;\
> # Enter Pass-Key
> ### This script seems to stall here???!!!
> # Set "gdiplus" dll to "(native, builtin)"
> WINEPREFIX=~/.MSOffice winecfg;\
> WINEPREFIX=~/.MSOffice winetricks dcom98;\
> done
> Any ideas?
> Regards,
> Morgan.
Why all of the vb(x)runs?  VB6RUN is all you should need.

In your listings you had many fixmes.  These just point out where
additional functionality needs to be worked on but will work for Office

What SPECIFICALLY happens when you attempt to run the VBA macro?  Does
it fail to fire, Word crashes, or does Linux lock up so that you have to

Can you add what you get from your terminal session when you attempt to
run the macro when you start Word from there, please.

James McKenzie

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