[Wine] Selling Wine compatibility to Windows software vendors.

FeraTechInc wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 24 22:33:17 CST 2009

We have recently started promoting the Ubuntu OS and have converted all of our offices to Ubuntu. We have closely been monitoring the development of Wine. It has progressed very nicely and is the ONLY reason we were able to fully convert all of our computers to linux.

We even sell gaming PCs with World of Warcraft thanks to Wine. 

We were just wondering if the developers of Wine ever considered selling compatibility to software vendors. Since the linux user market is steadily growing reaching this market would be huge and would not require much effort. Software can be simply developed for Windows based systems with Wine compatibility in mind.

What Wine developers can sell these companies is for example a list of usable functions that software packages have access to and notification what functions would make their program incompatible. 

We greatly appreciate the development of this project and as our business grows hope to donate as much as possible to see it's further success.

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