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Ben Okopnik ben at linuxgazette.net
Sat Jan 24 10:47:53 CST 2009

On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 03:37:19AM -0600, Andr? H. wrote:
> Ben Okopnik wrote:
> > 
> > Again, to recap: I have a Garmin GPS that's connected to /dev/ttyUSB9
> > via the 'garmin_gps' module. I can see it fine in Linux; I can't see it
> > with anything in Wine. I've created a symlink (~/.wine/dosdevices/com2
> > -> /dev/ttyUSB9) and added
> > *
> May the garmin_gps module is always connected over the serial channel and so no other connections can be opened?

The module is the gadget that "translates" the stuff coming in from the
Garmin, creates the port, and connects /dev/ttyUSB9 to it. Without the
module, there's no device - serial or otherwise - to which 'com1', etc.
could be connected.

I can see the output in Linux - whether by running 'gpsd' in debug mode
or running 'gpsdrive' and having it show my correct location. I just
can't see it under Wine, although there are some indications that
there's _something_ connected to the serial port.

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