[Wine] Too much functionality in WINE

technosaurus wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 25 11:51:22 CST 2009

Does anyone know of a way to compile a LITE wine - like a zinfandel I guess?  I just want to be able to use - wine /mypathto/myprogram.exe.

such as --disable-dev --without-notepad --without-ie....

After compiling wine 1.1.13 it works quite well... at least the parts of it that I have tested.  There are so many things included that I will never use that basically just take up space.  For instance the compile environment, how many people that download wine actually want to compile programs for windows?  Not me, yet try as I might I could find no option to leave out this and other unnecessary components at compile time.  There are other things as well...I don't want/need any of the windows components either.or any of the libraries(/"dll"s) associatied with them.

Barring no feasible options at compile time, is there a list of files that are required for just the wine executable.  apparently ldd wine doesn't completely work for this and readelf was not too helpful.  It did great for what is required to run wine but I guess I need to know where the dlls, etc... are that myprograms call when run with wine.

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