[Wine] Re: NWN2 Unable to Detect 3D error.

imatechguy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jan 26 10:11:36 CST 2009

Brackenn wrote:
> Hi.
> I reloaded a new updated copy of wine 1.1.13.
> I don't understand "Add overrides for devenum.dll and dxdiagn.dll and Copy devenum.dll d3dx9_30.dll dxdiagn.dll to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/ "
> What are overrides? 
> Are devenum.dll and d3dx9_30.dll and dxdiagn.dll on the NWN2 disk?

I know its a bit confusing at first, I'm still very new at this so I undstand your confusion.  Overrides, as I understand it, are custom settings for WINE to get a game to work where you are overriding the default functioning with specific instructions/files.  In this case you end up overriding the default WINE version of "devenum.dll" and how it uses that file.

First - you need to open the Terminal and type "winecfg" without the quotes so you can configure WINE for the NWN2 application.  On the main tab (I forget the name right now) click the "Add a Program" button and navigate to the WINE directory "C:/" drive.  Then go to the folder with the executable (.exe) file and click on that to complete that step.

Second - Put the noted .dll files in the appropriate places per the instructions.

Third - Now that NWN2 should show up in the List (probably right under the Default Settings) click on it so it's highlighted and then click on the Libraries (I believe) tab.  Click the down arrow to open the list of files and select the two mentioned in the instructions.  They should default to the correct choice but check each using the edit button on the right.

Finally, some of the dll files will be contained on the disk.  Get accustomed to using the "cabextract" command in the Terminal.  To start learning type either of these Terminal for instructions on it's use.

cabextract  --help

man cabextract

If I remember right I could get all files listed on the appdb informational pages off the disk except devenum.dll; which ended up coming from my ever-shrinking XP install.  At this point I'm not sure where folks without any Windows install get their .dll files so maybe someone else can post that because I'd be interested in learning of a safe place to grab those that don't come on the disks.

I looked in the appdb and found this link http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=10476 with instructions on what to get and where to put things.  Just scroll down to "HOWTO getting the game running" section and follow the steps.

Sorry for the lack of some specifics but I'm not at home and am going from memory, but I hope that helps some.

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