[Wine] Running MetaTrader 4 in Wine

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue Jan 27 05:40:10 CST 2009

On 2009-01-27 (Tuesday) 02:57:12 Surjanto wrote:
> Is there anyone success install Metatrader 4 using Wine?

	I thought I already answered this question to you; or you didn't received my 
reply to your PM where you asked same questions? I sent it to you on Jan 23, 
2009 9:45 pm. I think I simply repost it here - to be sure that you received 
it this time and also because it may be helpful to others who looking for 
similar answers.

	BTW, when something doesn't work please describe exactly what the problem is, 
what errors do you get (if any), and post terminal output, and mention what 
version(s) of Wine you have tried.

	*	*	*

> 1.What version of wine did you install?
	On my server I have stable configuration based on wine-0.9.44 with some 
native overrides and patches. However, general recommendation is not to use 
old Wine unless you are sure that new Wine doesn't work good enough for you 
or you already have stable and tested configuration with older Wine and don't 
want to upgrade (for example because of possibility of regressions in newer 

	I just tried and MetaTrader works fine with new Wine 1.1.13 from git (but 
standard 1.1.13 release probably will work fine too). 
	However MetaTrader's installer doesn't install mfc42.dll (without it 
MetaTrader doesn't work) so you need to do this by yourself. Quickest way to 
install and run MetaTrader in recent Wine: 
	1) First you need to install winetricks; to do so run this: 
wget http://kegel.com/wine/winetricks 
chmod +x winetricks 
sudo mv winetricks /usr/bin/ 
	2) Then install requirements for MetaTrader (gecko is used for HTML 
winetricks -q gecko vcrun6 
	3) Install MetaTrader with Wine and work with it as usually. 
	You may encounter some bugs though. For example bug "[Bug 4304] Metatrader: 
Double clicking to change table values doesn't work" - if this is important 
to you then read this bug report and try workarounds described there. 

	If something still doesn't work for you or you have additional questions - 
feel free to ask, maybe I will be able to help.
> 2.Under what linux version? Centos 5.2? uBuntu 8.10? or what?

	I use Debian GNU/Linux Lenny on my server; however, this isn't recent Lenny - 
it is more than 1 year old. But actually this doesn't matter because you are 
free to use any distro you like.

> 3.Do you run your MT4 in Linux VPS?
	No. I have my own 1U server in collocation center.

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