[Wine] Re: Strange error

dow wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 27 09:02:51 CST 2009

Okay, I went back to the distribution disk, and installed dpp version 1.6.1.  However, when it got to the end of the installation, it asked if I wanted to restart.  I said no, as I had an email open, and then the installer gave me an "installation failed" message.  However, the program will run.  Unfortunately, I cannot upgrade to a newer version, nor can I uninstall version 1.6.1.  When I try t run an upgrade, it begins to extract files, and then says, 

> You cannot install Digital Photo Professional on this computer.  Verify whether the required environment for use has been satisfied.  Cancel installation.

If I try to uninstall version 1.6.1 through the wine uninstaller, nothing at all happens.


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