[Wine] Re: authz.dll

Robert wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 27 11:37:47 CST 2009

> No. It would create a dll.so file. You could try just making an empty
> file named authz.dll and put it in your ~/.wine, that may help. But if
> the app actually uses it, it'll fail. You need to get it however the
> app expects (probably depends on a database program installation?
> -- 
> -Austin

It is a windows dll, perhaps only win/2003 server.  It's described on the M$ KB.  Why the latest DB2 client demands it, I've no idea; previous versions didn't.  My wine is set to be XP.  

Thanks for the assistance, and I'll just use the regular linux DB2 stuff.  This was only to be able to use a windows database editor, AQT.

I was able to get it all working on Ubuntu 6.06/32.  This is 8.10/64.  That may well have some bearing on it.  But not enough to waste any more of folks' time.


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