[Wine] Tiny Network-Problem with Office Software

NackteElfe wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 28 04:09:49 CST 2009


I am having some trouble to some Office software with wine. The Program itself starts without problems and runs quite fine. But unfortunatly I am not able to connect to our local Datebase. My Ubuntu Linux itself doesnt seem to have any problems in connecting to the server (but I admit that I don't know how to check if I can access the port 5143 that is used to connect to the database.).

The faq told me that I should use hostname -i to check if it say 127.0.x.x and it does so i changed /etc/hosts and entered my local IP there. I tried both my ethnernet adresses (cable / wireless) but it didn't helped. (when I type in hostname -i it says my local IP though)

My Office Software has a dialog to search the network for the server but if I hit that button it just says "My Network Places" but there is nothing to browse, so I am quite sure that I don't have any netork conection at all.

When I open Configure Wine it says I am using Ver 1.0.1. Ubuntu hasn't offered me an update yet.

I am quite sure that the problem is easy to solve and I am just to blind to see whats wrong. I hope anyone can help me!  :)

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