[Wine] Re: Tiny Network-Problem with Office Software

NackteElfe wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 28 09:35:27 CST 2009

The software is called OrgaMax unfortunatly there is no english version availible. The German 30day Test Version kann be download here (http://www.orgamax.de/demo/?no_cache=1) and is quite self explaining.

There is no firewall at work and I can boot the very same laptop I am using right now with windows instead of ubuntu and orgamax does work. 

Is it possible that Ubuntu has a firewall working that I am not aware of (at the other hand i can even use filesharing programs like emule in wine without any problems.)

I am not quite sure how to figure out which protocols are used. You mean by the software? Or what kind the database is?

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