[Wine] Network play in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Christoph Korn c_korn at gmx.de
Wed Jan 28 13:52:20 CST 2009

Vincent Povirk schrieb:
>> Some issues:
>> The UDP patch does not seem to work on Wine (see Vitamin's reply). It
>> might be that a large part of Wine's network implementation is in the
>> buildin wsock32? (Someone more familiar with the source code might be
>> able to answer that) (It might be that that wsock32 only intercepts
>> IPX and call the real wsock32 for the UDP part, but that Wine does not
>> allow that to work...)
> To get some real information, I've examined the import/export tables
> of the dll using winedump. It appears that it's based on ws2_32, which
> Wine implements. Wine's ws2_32 is not based on wsock32 (in fact it is
> the other way around). So I think that this should work.
> That said, I could not examine the export table. Winedump simply gave me this:
>   Entry Pt  Ordn  Name
> Can't grab functions' name table
> It's possible that Wine can't load this dll because of trouble reading
> the export table.

I don't know what dll you are talking about here but I could get the
information of the modified wsock32.dll.


> In any case, I think you should get a log of the console output when
> you try to use this dll so that we can know more things instead of
> blindly speculating.

What debug channel should I enable in the output?
I currently have no other ubuntu machine here that has also Red
Alert 2 installed but I think that won't differ the output anyway.

Christoph Korn

>> The real (long term) solution would probably be if Wine / the kernel
>> added an option to emulate IPX over IP (like Dosbox), with various
>> compatibility options... Another would be if Wine implemented enough
>> APIs that native wsock, and its replacements can work. (This might
>> take )
> I'm naively hoping the problem is much simpler than missing API's and
> that IPX tunnelling in wine / linux is unnecessary.
> Vincent Povirk

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