[Wine] bug 6955 and 14608

dufoli wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 29 04:14:58 CST 2009

A lot of game is impacted by this bugs.
I have seen a patch to solve here:

This patch is not a quick hack for the game but it seems to be not exactly what it is expected to do to solve it.
It has to be code with shader

Just want to said that this will make a lot of application gold and this is not a quick hack.

Another person ask to implement both ( patch + vertex shaders version).

So, I do not understand the issue to include this patch.

Can someone just explain if it can be include? and if not just explain with user words why? or if a dev is so cute to fix the patch and commit it on main tree, I will be very pleased.

A lot of people wait for a solution for this thing and it seems to be low priority. So just want to bring this issue to light.

And thanks to all coders for your beautiful work!

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