[Wine] Re: Printing Error

DanKegel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 29 11:07:28 CST 2009

NackteElfe wrote:
> Right now my office software runs quite fine with wine

Please be specific when posting problem reports.  You're running
Orgamax still, right?

> but unfortunatly I get an error when I try to print documents. 
> It says (loosely translatet from the german dialog): "There has been an error.
> access violation at adress 7E2B8D16 in modul 'winex11.drv" Reading Adress 00000029"
> The printer prints anyway and it looks fine but in the upper left corner of the page is 2cmx6cm black... thing... I can't really tell what it is... Regular printing without wine works quite fine...
> I am working with Ubuntu, Wine 1.0.1, Printer is a HP Laserjet 3390 connected throug LAN.

I can print fine from Orgamax (Ubuntu 8.10, wine 1.1.13, HP Laserjet 882c
connected to a Windows box, accessed via samba), no black
boxes, no crashes.  Tried again with wine-1.0.1, same thing, worked

I tested with Stammdaten / Kunden / (doubleclick one from list) / Weitere Funktionen / Kundenstammblatt Drucken (F4) / Drucken.

Perhaps you should try with a different printer or an updated ubuntu
to see if the black box on the printout goes away?

Since the reported crash was in winex11, maybe your graphics card
and driver matter.  I tested on a system with an old Geforce 4 card
(compaq presario r3000), and am using the proprietary nvidia drivers.
What card and drivers are you using?

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