[Wine] Installing Wine on OSX

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 30 19:53:35 CST 2009

slrman wrote:
> Thank you for this fast and very informative reply.  This seems to be exactly what I was looking for.  Especially considering I am looking at only running one windows program from time to time, doing an actual build seems like a bit more work than I want.  Well, I am a "retired bum"   :D   
I'm not a retired bum, and I would not build Wine or Darwine just for
one application, unless I needed/desired a custom build.

Please try either site and if that does not work, please look at the
commercial Wine product built by CodeWeavers, Crossover for the Mac
(Games).  The first product is for running productivity software, like
Office2003 and the other is for running games like World of Warcraft.

If you need/desire any further information, please post your questions
and we will attempt to answer them.

James McKenzie

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