[Wine] wine on powerpc report

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Javier Serrano Polo <jasp00 at terra.es>
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>El dv 30 de 01 de 2009 a les 20:08 -0600, en/na Austin English va
>> Though, there _ARE_ several bugs in the powerpc build. And you can't
>> run non winelib apps. Patches welcome.
>Perharps I didn't explain myself clearly enough so I'll give more
>details. I'm running the program loader, not winelib. It's a 32-bit x86
>build, running over qemu in user mode emulation combined with native
>libraries and native resources. And yes, PE binaries do work.

Maybe you missed what Austin was trying to tell you.  There is a BUG in UBUNTU that causes the error that you describe.  The FAQ answer that Austin was pointing you to is a workaround for this bug that we found with the Wine project.

Next:  How are you invoking Qemu to work with Wine?  I have a PowerPC as well as an Intel and would like to work through the PowerPC bugs to see if they are valid or not with the latest Wine build.

Thank you.

James McKenzie

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