[Wine] Drive Mapping Problem & solution

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 30 22:22:20 CST 2009

samclam wrote:
> Just got Wine 1.1.13 on Ubuntu 8.10 tried to map D: to my Windows partition /dev/sda5 /media/DATA but Wine wouldn't keep my choice and reverts to /media/cdrom0.
> Found out that permissions for ~/.wine/dosdevices/d: were root only and couldn't change them.  So I deleted d: & d:: and made new symbolic links
> $ sudo rm -r /home/me/.wine/dosdevices/d*
> $ ln -s /media/DATA   /home/me/.wine/dosdevices/d:
> $ ln -s /dev/sda5   /home/me/.wine/dosdevices/d::
Austin was a much nicer than I'm going to be:  Never, ever run Wine as
root or an adminstrative user on Linux/UNIX.  All sorts of badness can
and will happen. 


sudo rm -rf /home/me/.wine

Run wine notepad as me.  This will recreate the .wine directory.

Install all applications that you want to install.  There are known
issues with several programs and workarounds in the Applications
Database.  Please take time to read through them.

If you run into a problem, such as a program crash, please explore the
Bugzilla for previous reports.  If none are found for your situation,
then please submit one.  If you do find an existing report, vote for
it.  This lets the developers know which problem affects the most users
and if resources are available, a fix can be found.

Again, NEVER run Wine as root, it leads to problems.

James McKenzie

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