[Wine] Change between OSS and ALSA in command line

cdahmedeh wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 31 10:42:24 CST 2009


I've noticed that certains applications with ALSA better and others work better with OSS. Is there a way to change this via command line since I don't want to open winecfg everytime I want to open an application. For example, lets say I want to run App1.exe with OSS and App2.exe with ALSA is there any possible way to do something like : 
-wine App1.exe --sound-system=oss
-wine App2.exe --sound-system=alsa

Trying to make a custom configuration in winecfg does not let me define the sound driver for a specific application, its only a global setting.

Thanks for your help.

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