[Wine] Re: WINE install of Dreamweaver MX fails

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jul 3 17:01:09 CDT 2009

shobuz99 wrote:
> First: what do you recommend as a fix for the graphics drivers?
> Can I reinstall the drivers and recover? if so, your suggested steps 1-2-3..??

Depends on your distro, driver and method if installation. Consult your distro's forum and driver documentation for more info.

If still unsure, use package manager and re-install latest driver version.

shobuz99 wrote:
> Second: I did have drives tab of winecfg working at some point. It clearly listed them and no mount error.. 

Wine doesn't properly initializes it's configuration (WINEPREFIX default is ~/.wine) because of the crash. There isn't much you can do without fixing 1).

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