[Wine] RAS -- workaround/substitute?

walt w41ter at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 10:03:26 CDT 2009

I have an app that almost-but-not-quite works under wine.  The main
problem seems to be that the app announces that it's initiating login
to the remote web server, but then after ten seconds says login failed.

The only likely suspect I see buried among the hundreds of other fixme's
is this one:

fixme:ras:RasEnumConnectionsW (0x15cdd8,0x33ed00,0x33ecfc),stub!
fixme:ras:RasEnumConnectionsW RAS support is not implemented! Configure program
to use LAN connection/winsock instead!
fixme:winsock:WSAIoctl -> SIO_ADDRESS_LIST_CHANGE request: stub
fixme:ras:RasConnectionNotificationW (0xffffffff,0x4a4,0x00000003),stub!

I don't know much about RAS.  Does this seem like it could be the main
reason for the login failure?  If so, is there a workaround for it?


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