[Wine] Lotus 123 Release 4 for Windows

dgs wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 4 14:08:07 CDT 2009


I am new to Linux, Fedora 11, and Wine, V1.1.18, and am looking for a way to eliminate going back to windows to run certain applications and Wine seems "heaven sent".  I am using Wine V1.1.18 instead of Wine V1.1.23 because V1.1.23 causes my other Windows application to crash.  I managed to install Lotus 123 Release 4 cleanly into wine.  Lotus 123 Release 4 is a 16-bit application.  Fonts were installed via winetricks by selecting all fonts.

Lotus 123 Release 4 seems to startup cleanly, but has numerous operational issues, some major and some minor.  I would like to concentrate on the simplest test, startup, then shutdown with no work done.  That condition produces the following command line errors:

fixme:ole:OleRegisterServer16 (123Worksheet,...): stub
fixme:ole:OleRegisterServerDoc16 (1,Untitled): stub
fixme:ole:OleRevokeServer16 1 - stub
fixme:font:WineEngRemoveFontResourceEx :stub

My gut feeling is that fixing the above issues will also fix some of the operational issues.  Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.



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