[Wine] Re: Excel 2003 crash

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 6 09:54:25 CDT 2009

petros wrote:
> Well, I think everyone will find this interesting. I installed the latest dev version of wine but excel still crashed. I then deleted the .wine directory and reinstalled office 2003 from scratch. Excel came up the first time and I put in the info office usually asks for (Name, Initials, Organization) I then closed excel and opened it again. It crashed. Here's what's interesting. I then deleted the .wine directory again, reinstalled office and opened excel. Now, just on a hunch, when it asked for the name, initials etc. I entered .wine for the name and .wine for the organization. Excel came up and has worked ok ever since. I'm happy it's working but I'm curious to find out why.

Doesn't happen here. I just tested a fresh install in 1.1.25. When Excel opened the first time, those fields were already filled in with the name, initials, and organization I put in during the install. I closed/reopened Excel several times with no problem.

What version of Office 2003 do you have (Pro, Standard, etc.), what did you put in those fields when the installer asked for them, and do you have any overrides set?

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