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Mon Jul 6 13:39:12 CDT 2009

2009/7/6 mac_tester <wineforum-user at winehq.org>

> Hey, I am new here but I wanted to know what code differences are there in
> crossover wine and opensource wine. I know the crossover uses wineloader to
> load programs and in opensource wine it uses mwine. So there must be some
> code difference.
> Any help is appreciated
> Thnx
> From what I know – crossover is wine+patches for certain apps. All patches
from crossover are available in wine sooner or later. However in crossover
you have list of apps that *must* work with every release. Crossover is
tested for regressions with this programs in mind, and there are changes
made in crossover code for compatibility with this apps. And of course if
something doesn't work there is technical support (Codewavers actually
provide support also for wine – of course you have to pay for it).

So in short – wine is best for development and testing, Crossover is best
where reliability is a must (if you want to run some PCs with Word and Excel
for example Crossover is probably a better solution) – in theory at least.
And of course I should mention that Crossover is pretty nice gui for
installation and management of your programs...

Also keep in mind that Codewavers actually hires most of wine top developers
– so supporting Crossover=Supporting wine :)
Sorry for the English - this was written in a hurry ;]
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