[Wine] Re: Starcraft logs out from gnome session

DaVince wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 11 14:54:32 CDT 2009

areskz wrote:
> Austin987 wrote:
> > X is crashing. Buggy video drivers. 
> Yes, they are seem to be buggy. Because they didn't do well out of the box. I had to tweak it a little according to the howto I mentioned above.
> They are buggy, but what I have to do with it?

Wait till they get better. If you're using Ubuntu, Karmic Koala should have a lot of Intel driver issues fixed.

Also, you said you tweaked some things in order to get it working a bit better... Some tweaks give you major speed boosts, but less reliability (meaning more crashes). Try playing with these settings a bit more until you find a safe middle ground that works at decent speed.

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