[Wine] Regression in running Rosetta Stone v3 with version 1.1.25

theoryweary wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jul 12 10:30:20 CDT 2009

I've been using Rosetta Stone version 3.0.35 with wine 1.1.24 successfully for about a month and it has run flawlessly. Unfortunately after updating to wine 1.1.25 a few days ago it crashes frequently (every 20 minutes or so), in a number of different ways.

1: It just closes unexpectedly without any error messages.
2: It says "Rosetta stone has experienced a minor error", then after clicking ok it will say "Rosetta stone has experienced a fatal error and must close" about 20 seconds later.
3: Often Wine displays an error message saying the application has experienced an error and needs to close, however when i click ok the error message goes away and Rosetta stone runs fine until one of the aforementioned errors appears. There have always been a few minutes between this error message and a crash.

I'm tempted to file this as a bug, but I wasn't sure if it should be in the wine bugs list, or in the application database list. I also have no idea about the technical nature of the bug, just its symptoms. 

I'm also wondering if it is possible to go back to wine 1.1.24 without having to reinstall Rosetta Stone?

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