[Wine] The Talking Moose

neuroshock wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 15 12:10:25 CDT 2009

Anyone here remember the old Talking Moose desktop toy from the 80's? For the unitiated, the Talking Moose was a simple applet on old Mac computers that periodically displayed an animated Bullwinkle-lookalike moose in the corner of the screen, spouting witty phrases or biting insults, as well as commenting on various activities like opening and closing programs or inserting disks. (The moose's behavior was highly customizable.) He's not for everybody, but I miss the guy.

Lo and behold, the project was resurrected for the modern Windows era:


(There's also a Mac version at http://www.zathras.de/angelweb/moose.htm.)

It's a tiny, simple desktop Windows applet that seems to confine itself entirely to a nice and neat single directory (that is, there's no messy installation), but, much to my dismay, I cannot seem to get it to run in Wine, nor can I diagnose the problem. Can anyone else get it to work, or, if not, offer up some helpful suggestions?


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