[Wine] Hitman: Blood Money won't start (Fixes for some errors here)

Leopardson wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 15 22:22:08 CDT 2009

Hi, I am trying to get Hitman Blood Money working on my Ubuntu 9.04 computer.

Here are my specs though they are most likely irrelevant:
Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope: no modifications to the kernel or Xorg or anything.
AMD Sempron 3100+: Worked fine in Windows, works fine now.
1GB DDR Ram: Single stick, memtested and passed.
ATi Radeon 3650 HD (1gb): Rare version of the 3600 series. Works fine in Linux and Windows. Catalyst 9.6.

Usually, I'd explain my problem in an annoyingly long paragraph that nobody wants to read. Instead, I'll just show you what is going on with fancy dashes as bullet points showing happenings in a row.

Note: Problem existed in both 9.6 and 9.4 driver versions. I doubt it is them, as 3d works fine.

Past fixed problems:
- All wine programs would flicker and never start.
- Fixed by turning off Compiz effects. This wasn't actually an error. Apparently, the flicker is actually a useful sign that your CPU is being strangled with razor wire, probably caused by me running a 3d program on a 3d desktop using a CPU that is only meant for one or the other.

- Hitman Blood Money got a "has encountered serious errors and has to close" error every time it started.
- This was fixed by removing the DVD from the drive, upgrading to 1.2 and using a 1.2 Fixed EXE patch.

- Hitman Blood Money ran incredibly slow.
- This was fixed by turning off Post Processing effects and Shadows.

Current problem:
- Hitman Blood Money runs smoothly without PPE and shadows, but whenever I finish the first level, the game crashes while loading the next screen.
I tried downloading a savegame that had more levels.
All levels except for the first crash at a specific point while loading.
I think Hitman Blood Money thinks it's the demo. (Sort of like a kid with a cold being pretty sure his brother is poisoning his cereal.)

If you help me solve my problem, I'll post an adorable kitten with a "Thanks" message for every point that helped get to the solution.

However, I am in a rotten mood right now and will not be capable of posting a kitten until something makes me happy (E.G my problem gets solved.)


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