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Thu Jul 23 10:10:31 CDT 2009

Hello friends! I am Brazilian, so excuse me for any errors in english!

We are deploying the Ubuntu 9.04 here in the company, and I am trying to make the softwares used by various sectors of the business work.

Basically there are three software. Two of them I did work. The third has not.

This is the software for payroll (www.novosistema.com.br). First he nor hinders ... Then install the packages gecko, jet40 and MDAC28 by winetricks.

The program has come, however was an error in a file. Ocx (MSCAL.ocx). So I installed the packages wsh56 and native_oleaut32.

After that did not give more errors, however when printing, generate a file with more than 50 megabytes ... To resolve this problem I installed the packages mls31, riched20 and riched30.

Currently I can access the program and does not give any error. However, the program does not issue reports ... By pressing to generate a report, the status bar starts to move, but for once and hangs. But just squeezing in to cancel the program back to work.

After so many wins, I would not give up so easily ... If anyone has any idea of what I do, I'll be very grateful!

According to the developers the database uses the language ACCESS. I tried to install the package art2kmin, but the principle does not have any effect. If you need any further information, let me know!

Hugs and thanks!

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