[Wine] Re: Mac OS X, X11, resolution problem

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jul 23 15:24:22 CDT 2009 or even beta of 2.4 do not help...

Any app in Wine that tries to change the resolution, wether running Fullscreen or Rootless, fails (it wont always crash, usually it just makes a smaller resolution box in the corner)... the X server never changes the resolution.  I have not found any X11 apps that do change the resolution... This seems like a Major issue to me for X11 on Mac OS X, but no one else that works on Xquartz seems to care, I guess Wine and a few games are the only thing that uses it there that cares about running full screen with different resolutions.  I do not know if they'll ever add proper support for it.  I can understand blocking resolution changes in Rootless, but when running Fullscreen, why not let it change the resolutions?

anyways, thanks for the info, but this X11 problem isn't a Wine issue.

I just wish the people working on native Quartz support in Wine could get it working right, but from what info i see on it, I'm not sure anyones even attempting to work on it anymore.... if that worked, we wouldn't even need X11 on Mac OS X.

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