[Wine] Questions when running WOW and other games in frames.

kinglink wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 27 23:19:46 CDT 2009

I have a numbers of questions.  I know about half of them are probably program related (World of Warcraft)  but I figured I'd group them together for the most part.

First the states.  I'm using a Dell Inspiron Laptop (their Ubuntu line).  I reinstalled Linux myself (had to redo the partitions) and dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7, Wow does work under Windows 7, but what's the fun in that?  I have a Intel X4500HD Video card (I believe, unfortunatly intel's drivers don't really specify which one it is.

When playing wow I have disallowed (unchecked) windows manager to decorate the windows and disallowed (unchecked)the window manager to control the window. I also am running a emulated virtual desktop of 800 by 600 pixels.  I also appear to have to run it as Directx otherwise it will crash (with OpenGL)

So here's a couple of the issues,  I can usually see flashing blue when playing World of Warcraft and moving around the world, I have other frames open underneath World of Warcraft when this happens but it's not always in the same position as the frames.  What's going on with that?

In addition when I alt tab or click out of the window, it remains on top even when running it with "wine Wow.exe --desktop"  or "wine Wow.exe --managed"  (I think the second was the command I used, it was the two to stop this from happening)  Are those the right commands?

My mini map is missing.  I hear that's an issue with ATI, but I am running Intel.  Are those the same drivers/same problem?

The big issue.  The second time I run World of Warcraft without rebooting my laptop locks up.  I exit World of Warcraft properly the first time but the second time it crashes (I don't believe I have a log, can I just >  (I forget the name of that function) to get a log output or will that not work with the lockup?

Oh and I guess one more issue.  My system also locks up when I'm in Dalaran.  However my system only has 2 gigs of physical memory (it does have a 2 gig Swap drive as well)  This seems different than the issue that is mentioned on the Wow compatibility page.  But if it's the same issue can someone point me in the directions of how to make the system think I have less RAM?  If it's not any ideas?

I know I'm asking a lot for a first post, but these are most of what's keeping me from really enjoying my linux life and Ubuntu is so nice outside of these issues so any help is appreciated.

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