[Wine] Question about Anti Aliasing in FBO mode

Milena wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jul 28 12:25:55 CDT 2009

Hello everyone

I would like to know how AA works in wine, i.e. if I turn on AA in any game it wont work, the only option is to force it with nvidia-settings > override application settings. This does only work in backbuffer mode, trying to force AA in the FBO mode will crash the game or I just get a black screen. How can I use AA in FBO mode ? Is this option not introduced in wine yet ? I'm using 1.1.26 and FBO works great for all games here but I would like to turn on AA.

For example: I run Red Alert 3 or Fear 2 in backbuffer mode and can use AA but the game look very bad, no shaders and effects. If I run the game in FBO mode it looks great with high graphic settings but AA is not possible. I prefer nice graphics so I can live the the razor edges but any solution would be nice.

Thanks in Advance

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