[Wine] Re: Open Office install

jorl17 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 29 18:26:23 CDT 2009

DaVince wrote:
> In the end it's simple saving to a file, so I don't think the Windows version would save it correctly. Try installing Abiword, opening the document in there and exporting it to RTF in Abiword? (Abiword is tiny enough to exist alongside OOo, as well as open simpler documents really quickly.)

If OOfice messes up something (such as not using a text/binary flag), then different library implementations which it relies on could hit it. For instance, if one writes a binary file without setting the ios::binary flag, different outcomes may happen, since nothing in the specification dictates that, without that flag, the stream must remain unchanged.

That said, I also don't think that moving OOffice into wine would help, but I think I should make it clear that it is possible to screw up something and have it produce different outputs on different platforms.



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