[Wine] Re: Noob Hyperlobby help please.

wildbillkelso wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 2 12:43:26 CDT 2009

Hi All

I have read the above link. Very interesting and informative but please pardon my ignorance and be patient with me.  I am still unfamiliar, and learning  the syntax used in the terminal. Also I can not find dcom98 in my wine directories.

I am presuming if I want to extract dcom98.exe . From what I have read, and can find dcom98.exe I use 

cabextract -d dcom98.exe /home/documents/dcom98

So where do I find dcom98.exe in the wine directories? I have got the vb runtimes and hyperlobby installed and can not find it. And if I can find it is this command correct?

Many thanks and best regards.


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