[Wine] Re: How can I detect WINE from my program?

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jun 3 04:28:28 CDT 2009

andreaplanet what you describe as an attack don't work on all distributions out there.  Some have wine sandboxed.  So even if Z: exists.  Running ln -s will not work.  Access to other native binarys are forbin by the mandatory access control system.

This is the were you are so wrong.  bad guys go that path we already have an answer.  Just we choose to not use it at this time.

Mandatory access controls also can forbin applications running created by use and not installed in system.   At this stage linux systems all bar hardered Linux's don't have this enabled.

The paths you have are already have walls to be put up in case of need andreaplanet.   Wine is currently left soft to be as friendly as we can.   That can be changed over night if the need ever turns up. 

Basically Linux is not windows.  Linux systems do have solid mandatory access control systems they can turn on if there was a secuirty need to.  You want your applications to keep working stop trying to be a smart ass.  It don't matter because I have a hole does not wash with me.  Simple point here you don't.  The hole only exists because the OS secuirty is turned down if its ever turned up those holes disappear.

majkl we already have switchs.  We already have a way to detect.  Ie exe.so binaries.  They only work on wine and its relations.  Why duplicate.

Still no one has answered why you cannot just put a check box in the installer asking user are they on wine?   It is the simplest solution.  It why I am classing you arguments for so pointless.

> Many small issues in Wine will never be fixed because
> - it's not worth (or)
> - there are too few developers to fix everything (or)
> - the wine community does not want to fix something by design (or)
> - some issues are just impossible to fix due to technical reasons 

This is one of the reason why we don't want to.   If you can detect wine what is you motivation to fix it.  That simple.   If you can detect wine most windows developers will do the same as you do on windows.  Ok its wine run different block of code lets not bother fixing it no matter how simple.

There is currently no issue that cannot be fixed due to technical reason.   Some have been delayed due to the fact with the upcoming alterations in the X11 stack they will become simpler to fix.

Problem here I am reading you like a openbook.  Windows programmer solution to a OS bug detect OS alter program to avoid it so because they cannot fix OS.   Linux program to a OS bug patch the OS.   We expect Linux style method not windows for the simple reason if you don't remove the bug someone else can in future so leaving users with a crippled program due to your workaround.

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