[Wine] Re: Noob Hyperlobby help please.

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jun 3 09:26:51 CDT 2009

wildbillkelso wrote:
> Hi Dimesio.
> dcom98.exe. It says already has a newer version installed. I have also installed winetricks as it seems to be a usefull tool. When I downloaded the link you kindly sent and executed the exe it said there was a newer version installed. I can find no evidence of it in any of my wine directories.

You won't find anything called "dcom98" in your Wine directories even if it is installed; what it installs are a bunch of dlls and tlbs. 

It sounds like you haven't tried installing it with winetricks. If you really want to do it manually, set the windows version to win98 before running dcom98.exe; that's one of the things winetricks does. Or just use winetricks to install it. 

Alternatively, you could just follow the original instructions you posted and use cabextract to extract the three dlls from dcom98 and manually place them in the program directory.

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