[Wine] World of warcraft shuts down

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Wed Jun 3 12:41:04 CDT 2009

dildhat wrote:
> Running openSUSE 1.11, gnome desktop and wine 1.1.9. (WoW patch 3.1.3)
> WoW just shuts down, no errors, no warnings, no nothing.. There is no indications of a crash it just plain shuts down as if I'd hit alt+f4. Anyone having the same problem?

Have you tried the suggestions from the winedb page for stability that 
might apply to your system, some of those might help. I would also 
suggest moving up to a newer wine version, try 1.1.20.

Otherwise sending us some more info on your system might help: 32 or 64 
bit, how much memory, video card and driver, etc.

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