[Wine] Compatibility regression after migrating to 64 bit Linux

Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle leonardof at gnome.org
Fri Jun 5 19:17:53 CDT 2009

It's been a long time, so I'll tell from the beginning again. I used to
run Wine on Arch Linux (and other GNU/Linux distributions before) with a
single-core, 32 bits Sempron. Then I moved to Ubuntu 64 bits, on a Core
2 Duo processor. I can still run winecfg fine, but now when I run a
Windows software with Wine many graphical elements get unrecognizable,
mainly text (which is major, since I used Wine mainly to run a

There's a dump at:

And I managed to upload an screenshot at:

I was told in this mailing list that it should not be a a 64 bits issue,
but a dual core issue. I tried "schedtool -a 1 -e wine path/to/exe" and
"taskset -c 1 wine path/to/exe" but got thesame behaviour.

Could anyone please help me figure this out?


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