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Storm Dragon stormdragon2976 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 6 23:43:01 CDT 2009

I am new to Wine and to the list.  I was wondering if someone would be
willing to help find out f some accessible games for the blind can be
ran under Wine.  I use the Orca screen reader which doesn't work with
Wine at all.  So, if the games can be made to work under Wine, I would
like to create a script that will handle all of the setup for each game.
At least some of the games require DirectX 8 (I think).  There are lots
of accessible games, but most of them only work under Windows.  I don't
want to bother with installing a virtual machine and I don't want to add
another OS, so I think Wine is the best way to go if it can work.  It
shouldn't be too hard from all the stuff I have read about Wine's
capabilities.  If it is possible to automate everything with scripts, I
could add them to my blog for other people to use as well.  I personally
use Ubuntu 9.04, but hopefully it will be possible to make the scripts
so that they will work on any flavor of Linux.  Some games are located
There are some free games, and the rest have demos.
Also, if anyone feels up to it, can you find out if the Windows screen
reader NVDA will work in Wine?  It can be found at:
Thanks for the help

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