[Wine] Wine Package Manager

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 7 18:37:21 CDT 2009

Jarred Sumner wrote:
>     I am considering writing a program for a package manager for Wine. This
> package manager will be Open Source and licensed under the LGPL sense it
> will be written using Visual Studio 2010 (in .NET Framework 2.0). It will be
> run within Wine, not in mono in Linux. I know there is something already out
> there like this (wine-doors <http://wine-doors.org>) but in my opinion it is
> poorly written and just isnt that good overall. My questions are:
> 1. Would this application be able to gain popularity
> 2. Would it be useful
+1 for an installer for Wine.  Don't forget the Uninstall functions as
well.  Winetricks is used to install Microsoft packages, but I'm
assuming that you will take this further.

James McKenzie

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