[Wine] Re: Wine-linux-ppc32 working status and future enchantments

xexaxo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jun 12 19:17:38 CDT 2009

I have looked at the Darwine project but there are a few obstacles
1. Obsolete. Hasn't been touched in years
2. Make for Mac, I am looking for a linux alternative
qemu is a nice program as well but I'm having problems finding the proper Linux distribution for the PPC32 ( host ) and x86 ( the elf interpreter prefix ) in user emulation mode. Meaning I have tried using a host system Ubuntu 8.10 PPC32 and a image ( a fully working ) Ubuntu 8.10 x86 with wine installed .. with no success.
I have tried different wine build as well ( suse, fedora, RHEL, ubuntu, gentoo ) ALL failing miserably.

If possible can someone guide me, if my suggestions where right or wrong. Or a quick note to where in the code I may find the answers.

Thunderbird wrote:
> The darwine project didn't really attempt this. The only thing you need to run 32-bit windows apps on powerpc linux is to install qemu. Originally qemu was developed just for this and only consisted of a linux binary loader these days it is also a VM but you can still use the good old binary loader. The darwine guys assisted porting the qemu binary loader to darwin, so that a potential darwin x86 port of wine could be run on the powerpc build of darwin / osx.

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