[Wine] Re: Wine and serial port again

gladov wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jun 19 07:25:14 CDT 2009

Important note. If I start a software with +ntdll debug option than every reading from serial port produces such log:


trace:file:ReadFile 0xdc 0x32e734 1 0x32e694 (nil)
trace:ntdll:NtReadFile (0xdc,(nil),(nil),(nil),0x32e634,0x32e734,0x00000001,(nil),(nil)),partial stub!
trace:ntdll:NtReadFile = SUCCESS (1)
trace:ntdll:NtDeviceIoControlFile (0xdc,(nil),(nil),(nil),0x32e5e4,0x001b006c,(nil),0x00000000,0x32e63c,0x00000014)
trace:comm:io_control 0xdc IOCTL_SERIAL_GET_COMMSTATUS (nil) 0 0x32e63c 20 0x32e5e4

What does a "partial stub!" means? 

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