[Wine] Far Cry 2: Help me to manage to get it working...

Warren Dumortier nwarrenfl at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 08:06:57 CDT 2009

Hello everybody!

I try to get Far Cry 2 running since it came out, but it still doesn't work.
The game installs without any problems...

The game loads when pbuffer is used as rendering mode, but doesn't
load when fbo is used.
When i try to start the single player campaign (with pbuffer), i can
see the map for about 5 seconds, then it will crash too (and it looks

To find the cause, i've made logs:
1. Using pbuffer: http://pastebin.be/19305
2. Using fbo: http://pastebin.be/19306

If anyone knows what the problem is, please let me know, also if
someone knows how to fix it, i could also investigate on sending a
patch if i can...

Thanks, kind regards.

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