[Wine] Re: Steam Games Don't Work. Please Help!

MooTM wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jun 24 15:50:09 CDT 2009

I don't play Steam games so do not know the specifics of making them 
work in wine, but that poster was correct about the regression problems 
in 1.1.23 and changing to a different version is fairly consistent and 
solid advise for many wine issues. If you do decide to go to a lower 
version for stability, I would not recommend going as far back as 1.0.1 
even though it is the version listed as 'stable'. There are many 
important improvements after that version that you would be missing out 
on and could end up facing more issues with your specific program 
because of that. If you want to drop back versions try it in smaller 
chunks and do a quick search of the db and forum to pick one that didn't 
seem to have issues with the programs you are looking to use, possibly 
try 1.1.20.[/quote]
Thankyou very much! Thats is very helpful! If you know how, could you maybe tell me how to do this please? (I'm new to Linux, it's so complicated lol!) Thnx v. much again!

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