[Wine] impossible to install a program

Austin English austinenglish at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 21:10:57 CDT 2009

On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 7:48 PM, Jiff<wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote:
> Debian Lenny & Sid packages V. 1.0.1-174-gc4039bd & 1.0.1
> =================================================
> Hi folks,
> I try to install a pgm under wine (WebPlus x2, that installs under XP) with 'wine D:\\AUTORUN.EXE' (or D:\\setup\setup.exe), but I'm stuck:
> The CD installer GUI starts, I jump registering (no PB), and I've got a window telling me "Action unauthorized. Please use setup.exe to begin installation.' that I do, but same msg again and again [Evil or Very Mad]
> Here's wine command line output:
> Code:
> fixme:advapi:CheckTokenMembership ((nil) 0x151ff0 0x33f2d8) stub!
> fixme:advapi:LookupAccountNameW (null) L"niff" (nil) 0x33ed64 (nil) 0x33ed68 0x33ed5c - stub
> fixme:advapi:LookupAccountNameW (null) L"niff" 0x15e6b8 0x33ed64 0x15ece0 0x33ed68 0x33ed5c - stub
> fixme:msi:msi_unimplemented_action_stub MigrateFeatureStates -> 3 ignored L"Upgrade" table values
> err:msi:ITERATE_Actions Execution halted, action L"NotWelcomeDlg" returned 1602
> I'm I missing something or is it definitely a no-no?

Some custom action in msi is failing. You're using stable, which is
over a year old. Upgrade to 1.1.24 and retry.


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