[Wine] Re: MyScribe not working

techno-mole wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 4 04:54:54 CST 2009

hello, ive been trying to get myscribe to work through wine (current version and previous versions) but ive had no luck, im currently running 64bit ubuntu (intrepid) and wine 1.1.16, ive got the latest version of myscribe, and it wont even load, that is to say that i can click the application to start it, but nothing happens (thats nothing, nada, zip)

i do have a linux version of myscibe, which i got as part of the course materials for an open university course, as far as i can remember it worked pretty well on 32 bit ubuntu (hardy and gutsy) but it wont work on 64bit intrepid, even once i got past the qt4 issues i had, it will load, but i cant log in as it doesnt seem to be able to connect to the internet.

Please note there is no download link for the linux version of myscribe, i got it as part of a course i was doing, cafescribe and fourteen forty deny there ever being a linux version, so if you manage to find a copy of the linux version you wont get any support if it breaks or doesnt work.

my advice to anyone who wants to run it, is to use it on a vm, no offence to the wine developers (i think its more to do with poor software on the part of cafescribe than anything else) but it seems to run best on windows, either a vm or proper windows install, also note that the people that used it on their windows systems had just as much trouble with it as everyone else.


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