[Wine] Network App

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 16:18:01 CST 2009

VWGUI.INI exists and you copied it from a working windows box so

The following error tells me that when parsing the VWGUI.INI file the
program had an error and it appears that the value it gets for the
variable MailNodeName is incorrect or wine is not interpreting it

> "Invalid or Missing Alias Name in Client VWGUI.INI
> Alias (MailNodeName) Must Contain AlphNumerics ONLY
> No Special Characters or Spaces
> Press <Enter> to continue..."

If wine is not interpreting the result correctly it is possible that
installing a native dll (possibly msvcrt) will help.

Also can you post the terminal output, possibly there is something in
there that will tell us.

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