[Wine] Test network under wine

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If the application in question is relatively small, you may find
success in downloading a live cd that allows the installation of wine.
 I've done this with Ubuntu and Party Poker for a friend and with a
little bit of work he was playing his game on a live cd.  This was
enough to prove to him that wine could work for him, but more
importantly that the distro he's running works well with wine.  Fedora
is a good live cd to try as well.

Debian is fairly popular (ubuntu is based off of it), so we should see
more people complaining if the latest unstable is incompatible with
wine.  What version are you running?  Version 5.0 stable of debian was
recently released so if the network issue is related to your unstable
build, you may find more success with the latest stable release.

If the issue is wine-network related, you should notice the windows
version of Firefox has connectivity issues also.  I assume you don't
have any special proxy settings you are using, right?

Lastly, see if there are any errors when its trying to make its socket
connections when run from terminal?  You might just have a symlink or
dll out of place that the application is looking for.


On Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 11:33 AM, Oliver aka v1k1ng0 <ofabelo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> 2009/3/7 Ben Klein <shacklein at gmail.com>
>> 1) This is best kept on wine-users, since it's a usage problem
>> 2) A good way to check if Wine can access the internet is: wine
>> iexplore http://www.winehq.org/
>> 3) Try the new version of FML in an old version of Wine. If it works,
>> you've found a regression, and should take a look at the
>> RegressionTesting page on the wiki.
> 1) Ok, I'm sorry.
> 2) It works, thanks for the "tip".
> 3) I've tried with 1.0.1, and it doesn't work. Where can I get versions more
> old? Thanks beforehand.
> Cheers...
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